I got a couple of games running with the emulator... Well, minor graphic bugs aside, the only problem is an atrocious framerate. I know my rig isn't the greatest (3.00 GHz P4 CPU, GeForce 7600GT, 1.25Gb RAM), but lowering the graphics won't make much change. I tried messing with the settings, but the best I could get is a normal game, but with an aweful framerate, plus hickuping sound, (but I assume that's because of the framerate). So judging from the compatability list, the only thing I can think of is that the games aren't USA (I assume that the letters under "region" stand for U(sa), E(urope) and J(apan), which in turn means the encoding thing (PAL, NTSC, etc.), right..?). Does that sounds reasonable? Why is there such a difference between the regions?

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#2 even used the exact same title.
Do a search next time. Closed
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