PC Crashes on a certain game

So i have gotĀ TimeSplitters Future Perfect on the PCSX2 emulator, and I realised that there are a horrendous amount of visual bugs. I resolved them by enabling HW haccks, skipdraw, etc meaning now the only visual bugs are occasional static marks on the screen.

I played through the first level "Time to Split" with the visual bugs. At this point, the cutscene worked as well as everything else, apart from the gameplay itself with the horrible lines through the screen. As said, the cutscene worked, remember this.

On the second level I decided it was unbearable, and thus used Skipdraw and HW Hacks to fix them.

However, whenever I reach a cutscene on "Time to Split" or the level after it "Scotland the Brave" it crashes!

It does not crash on the opening cutscenes, only the ones that appear upon completing the level.

Also, it is not just my emulator that crashes, but my computer as well! Now this happened when I used the magchargers second mode in arcade. After waiting, I was able to alt tab and close PCSX2, so I assume this is the same case for the cutscene crashes.

Can anyone help?

I am not able to play the Campaign without the visual bugs that make it completely unplayable, which is sad as I played this way when I was very young and wanted some nostalgia.

Help soon please!

Thanks! Smile

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Not a valid bug report, moving to support section.
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I switched the Skipdraw off as well as the HW Hacks and I now get a few visual glitches but no more crashing. Thankfully the green lines are gone!

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