PC Setup
My Pc Spec

i7 920 OC to 3.20
4 giga of ram
Asus EAH5970

I enjoy this emulator and play my ps2 games in high res on my comp is amazing, the problem i have is that some games (gow1-2, Crash bandicoot platforms, suikoden 3-4) in hardware mode, have bug/glitchs that i just cant get over with, like no fog, no shadow, grafic bugs, and i rather play those games in software mode, with low res and less/no bugs than in hardware mode , and here is my problem, with my comp, i cant play those games at full speed, usually my GS is 100% and there is nothing i can do about it, even using hacks or increase the ee and vu cycle. What i would like to know is: what is a good CPU that let me play those games in Software mode at full speed?, asking around some people say i7 2600 k is very good, other say is not a big upgrade over my cpu and is better wait next year for the new cpu.. i just dont know what to do

Any advice?

thank you

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With high GS%, frameskip helps, but it's usually even worser than hardware could show you;P. OC is one way to deal with software mode in more demanding games, i7 2600k(or i5 2500k) are considered great couse they're unlocked and fairy easy to OC as high as 4-5ghz, you should probably be in the topic as your current cpu is OC. Sometimes adding a thread or two for GSdx in software could help(rendering threads), but it's not always the case.

GSdx have also some hacks which you can turn visible by adding allowHacks=1(or changing 0 to 1 if the line exists already) in GSdx.ini they can often help with some of those graphical glitches, for example offset hack when some graphic parts seems moved from it's place or skipdraw which can kill some nasty glitches by removing glitched graphics/effects.

Also running hardware mode in native res already increases compatibility as lots of problems in hardware is caused by non-native res, at times some effects are causing soo much troubles with upscaling, they're cut off with crc hacks even while potentially running just fine in native res. If that's the case you could grab an svn version of PCSX2 and use a new hidden feature to disable crc hackfixes for choosen(or all) games by adding
to turn off all crc hacks, or
CrcHacksExclusions=0x0F0C4A9C, 0x0EE5646B, 0x7ACF7E03
to turn off crc hacks for games with above crc's(this number can be easily found in pcsx2 log after running the game)
And ofc running the game in native res while trying the above. Unfortunately some effects deleted by crc hacks are bugged even in native res, and then it just well... sucks;]. But those are a few of less commonly known things you can which doesn't require coding and can help at times with increasing changes for nice graphics in hardware modes.

Other than that observing PCSX2 google code for eventual fix/workarounds for your games and using svn version of PCSX2 is an option too as althrough possibly less stable, sometimes buggy, svn versions have always more custom game fixes.
To play the game in Software mode You need
  • A higher Clockrate such as 4-5Ghz. But you have your cpu OC'ed already Tongue2
  • More number of Threads, if you have Hyper-Threading enabled then set the rendering threades to 6 or 7.

Ahh. Yeah True that I7 2600K, 'K' version overclock much easily. Also, your GPU Reaches 100% which means GPU is overloaded or is unable to render the game at much fullspeed. Frameskip will help a lot in this case. Smile
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