PC Spec Suggestions

Hey there guys. I've been told that I need to upgrade my pc to be able to use the pcsx2 to any decent level. However I am currently at home on the family desktop so fat chance of that happening.
However I will, pending a successful exam sequence be heading off to uni at the end of September and will be purchasing a new laptop to take with me.
Price limit will be probably just under £500, and I would be most grateful for any advice on what I should look for CPU and GPU wise (assuming GPU is the same thing as the graphics card?). Thanks in advance.

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I recommend a 3rd Gen Core i5 and an NVIDIA GPU (I'm using the GT 640m). That may max out your budget, but all games run smoothly at 60fps (50 for you).
It's more what you want, but it is true that Intel is faster with PCSX2 emulation, now with graphics card there's no real difference. If you want to run everything at max. settings yeah then you really need to buy or an 7970 or gtx670/680 ish.

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