PC on a Stick or similar
I think I know the answer but will give it a go.  Has anyone tried running pcsx2 on a PC on a Stick like the IBM ones?  I assume they aren't powerful enough but hoping someone will say I'm wrong.  They tend to be powered by a Atom 1.8 CPU and have onboard GPU.  I was wanting to get a small micro PC to connect to the TV solely to run Retropie and pcsx2.

On a side note Christ emulation has come a long way.  Last time I dipped into the scene PS1 and N64 was just getting about playable now we have Dreamcast, Gamecube and PS2 running really well.  Truly amazing work by talent people to keep these system alive Biggrin

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already tried that it's very slow...not comparing to damon running in a sd835
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(06-12-2018, 01:32 PM)smartstrike Wrote: already tried that it's very slow...not comparing to damon running in a sd835

Thought that might be the case.  Thanks for the reply Smartstrike.
I run a pi zero with lakka, and it handles all the 8 bit systems, and supposedly can do a couple of the lighter weight ps1 games. The pi 3 can actually do ps1 emu.

That said, I haven't seen any of the micro/pc on a stick type computers sporting anything remotely strong enough to handle pcsx2..
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It depends on the game.
My old Pentium 4 2.8Ghz(single core with ht)and 6600GT was able to run any PS1 games and some PS2 games at full speed(not all the time)
I doubt those stick type pc will be weaker that that pc

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