PCS2CE On Windows 10 - Can't open
So I'm trying to use cheats in my game and I can't seem to get PCS2CE to work. I'm using WinRAR to open and extract files. I can't just simply drag and drop it without it still being a RAR file. I also can't extract it because then the files would be all over for no reason.

Am I doing something wrong? Please don't tell me I need 7Zip Sad

Thank you

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PCSX2CE is a java based program and if your WinRar is associated to open jar files,you will think that you are downloading an archive which you have to extract but after that you don't find anything usable

To use PCSX2CE you must also install JRE and make WinRar to not open jar files
You can also try my tool that don't require anything extra and has some extra features

Keep in mind that while using pcsx2 1.5.0,you will have to edit the
to make the ${gsdx} at the beginning,for example
TitleTemplate=${gsdx} |Slot: ${slot} | Speed: ${speed} (${vfps}) | Limiter: ${limiter} | ${omodei} | ${cpuusage}

I already fixed that problem on my dev version of the tool but it's been so long since the last time I posted a version and I'm not sure what to write as a changelog(I don't remember what did I change but the version here still works fine and that's the only problem)

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