PCSX 0.9.6 and Windows 7
Will PCSX 0.9.6 run without any problems on Windows 7 x64. I tried it and I could not get it to run fine. It gave me some allocation problems and something about DirectX.

Please tell me *ALL* I need to do to get PCSX 0.9.6 to run fine on Windows 7 x64. Thank you very much!

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did you install the latest DX9.0?
Allocation with memory? yes i have this problem at first start emu ;-)

Please show info about your PC ;-)
Dunno about 0.9.6 but r1888 worked at once on my W7 x64 without having to do anything.
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Maybe it happen only with AMD CPU on some version of Pcsx2?
the only problem I ever had with pcsx on W7 was solved by starting as Administrator. Have you tried that ?
Some people have had issues when using 0.9.6 in windows 7... I myself never had that problem, and updating to beta 1888 fixed the issue for those that were having it.
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"Bad allocation" problem is somewhat common in the 0.9.6 release you'll be better off using the beta.

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The r1888 beta works just fine with my Win7 x64. Remember to run it as administrator, else it won't be able to modify memcards or configuration files.
yes it works on win7 x64, but you have to watch out...
DO NOT put it in your program or win dir... best is to put it on an extra HD or partition.
google for "dxwebsetup.exe", download it from the microsoft page and run it. Do this every month to stay up dated with DirectX... there shouldnt be a problem Wink
but if you have some... just ask

oh i almost forgot...
on win 7 you can install directX 11... directx9 is only installed on XP
since vista theres the version 10 and 11

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