PCSX 1.0.0
How can i set the framerate to always be 60 fps even if the game is PAL? Coz im playing The Getaway and it feels alittle bit " SLOW " on 50, but yeah i had the same prob on Yakuza and it was fixed on 60 fps, but the game had a option to pick 60hz, so?

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I think its not possible to kept your pal game at 60fps. How far i know the pal one max capable of 50fps
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Open from the inis folder PCSX2_vm.ini and set FrameratePAL to the speed you want.
There are also programs that can set a PAL game to NTSC internally if there are only certain games you wish to run this way (many PS2 games were properly ported, but many others were simply "slowed" to PAL framerates)
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Thanks everyone, and yeah Koji, Yakuza and The Getaway were " slowed " but yeah i fixed it now, thanks everyone.

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