PCSX 2 0.9. 7. BIOS problem
When I try to start any PS 2 game, PCSX2 message comes up saying that the emulator couldn't have opened some BIOS file (nvm. file).
What's wrong?

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You installed PCSX2 to a folder you don't have rights to write to. You should have left it at the recommended user folder it was on default.
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Thank you, everything works okay.
Is there any possibility that MK Shaolin Monks would work with higher fps?
God of War 1 and 2 work just fine, but this sucks. Solution?
PC specs? PCSX2 settings? What speed so you get currently?
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...but both God of War's worked perfectly - are MK games really that stronger and heavier for the computer?
Your CPU is pretty weak for pcsx2, a minimum 3ghz cpu is recommended for playing games at acceptable speeds.

And MK: SM isn't fully emulated yet, you'll run into a lot of bugs so it'd be better to wait for a new version of pcsx2.
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Isn't that just weird that PC games like Mass Effect 2 and Assassins Creed 2 work perfectly on my 'weak CPU computer' and these PS2 games don't?
Will their ever be a solution to this problem or do I have to go and buy myself a PS2 Smile?
No, that's not weird. Comparing emulation to native games is like comparing apples and oranges, do your research Wink

PS.: You shouldn't use pcsx2 if you don't own a PS2 since the bios should be ripped from your console, please try no to enter the gray area of piracy here.
Athlon II x2 245 (@3.6Ghz), 6gb DDR3 1333, GeForce GTS250 2gb Ram, Linux Mint 12 32bit.
you're supposed to own a PS2 to legally use pcsx2.
read our forum rules carefully, especially rule #1

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