PCSX 2 Noob linux user

I'm trying to use PCSX2 0.9.5 with Ubuntu and my only problem is with the CDVD plugin. When I test the EFP polling CDVD Driver 0.4.0 plugin I get this message: this plugin reports that should not work correctly.

I didn't touch anything after installing PCSX2 but who knows if it was installed correctly. I'm very noob with Ubuntu. Anyone could help me with this problem please?

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If other plugins worked, than you could ignore this. And 0.9.6 is better.
Thanks Zeydlitz for your help!
Pcsx2 works but only with the Linuz Iso plugin. The others are not working.
Now, the game, Final fantasy X-2 PAL, give me only the intro but I have to wait like 5 minutes to se the game. Between I get a black screen. I precise that the game is far from playable because there are too much graphical bugs and the picture is upside down.

I precise my system functions with a USB flash drive, no HDD, the rom is in a network HDD.

The emulation would be better with windows XP?
It's not normal. But happened sometime. First, check sound. It should be on, but without any "real-time" features. Second, use ZZogl, ZeroGS are know to have a kiloton of issues. Third, check MGTS mode should be on.
Hello again,

I tried with ZZogl, it's better but still ugly: I get a flickering double picture. Is it because I use Linux or it's a specific pb with this game?
picture, please. Version numbers, please. AA should not be more than x2.

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