PCSX 9.4: Vista, Good Hardware Setup, Games Still Impossibly Slow
PCSX 9.4
Vista Home Premium
AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+
GeForce 7900GT 256
2gb RAM

I have tried absolutely everything. All the graphic and sound plugins, all the settings, frame skip, different games, ripping the games as ISOs, downloading other plugins, but nothing. The menu screen opens up fine (though, still with random sound speeds), and so i click new game and the frame rate drops from 100ish to between 25-30, which I don't think is what's affecting it. The game just runs at like 1/20 of normal speed, motion and sound both slow down incredibly and make it unplayable. My hardware should be able to handle it, right? And I don't think it's a video card issue, because there's absolutely no difference when I'm running with no antialiasing or x16. I have no idea what to do. I have a PS2, but my TV is soooo tiny and my monitor is very large, so I really wanna get this to work. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I fooled around with some more settings, and now the game visually runs much more smoothly, but it's still at a slower speed for some reason. Slo-mo esque. I think it might have something to do with it trying to sync to the slowed down sound or something. So first things first is fix the sound I guess. Suggestions? Right now it's set for Peops.

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A X2 3800 is your problem. 2.0GHZ DC, an AMD at that isn't fast. Even OC'ed it'd still be slow, especially on more intense games. 2GB of RAM on Vista also, is very low. It's your rig. Plus, try the PP builds, with Speed Hacks.
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As Mkilbride said,the speeds you get are pretty reasonable for your processor's power.
You need about a core 2 duo at ~3 Ghz to be able to play some games full speed,and take into account that the athlon equivalent would be at about ~4 Ghz...so as you can see your X2 @ 2 Ghz is pretty far off that!
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Dang...it's so hard to believe that a PS2 has a more advanced processor than something that can run FEAR at full settings...
Just believe it.
The game FEAR has way lower requirements than pcsx2.
Read more about it here.
How about wow ^^ I doubt any console can match the ram sucking cpu draining god of the under world that is world of warcraft ^^
Err... WoW is designed that it can be run on anykind ***** you have... Well guess Lich king expansion now busted that also.. ;P
(12-14-2008, 08:15 PM)Gwash! Wrote: Dang...it's so hard to believe that a PS2 has a more advanced processor than something that can run FEAR at full settings...

PC games don't compare to emulated games.
Um...WoW runs fine on my comuter at full settings...
Please stay on topic or I will have to close the thread....
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