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My Playstation 2 doesnt read disks anymore so i decided to install your emulator here. It seems that I load the games up It runs just fine, but at a certain point in loading the game (Need for speed underground is when it loads the car at the menu screen after loading your profile. Or in Burnout 3 when the race loads.) I have noticed at these times my FPS Drops down to 20 from 100+ (no speedhacks on) Now i have done some research, and im starting to wonder, is this just how the game is? I have read that the PCSX does not use more than 2 cores. so having any more than that is not benificial.
Is this true?

I used PCSX2 v9.8 and 9.7 after heraing someone say they fixed a simular issue by downgrading. 9.7 Was the only version i could find other than 9.8.

My Specs for my computer are
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Intell Q9300 Quadcore 2.5ghz (Overclocked it once to 3. with no change)
8 Gb Ram 3.31 Usable
Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 (2463mb Graphics memory, 1024 Dedicated 1439 Shared)
300gig Solidstate is where im storing my games.

Can you tell me, is there anyway to run pcxs with this system? the specifications should be more than enough, but after reading how a PS2 works and processes. I may be wrong! lol

I am attaching my Settings aswell.
**EDIT** It wont let me attach my screenshots Sad

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Try software rendering with Need For Speed. (toggle with F9)

Make your screen-shots smaller, or just say what you changed from default.
If you didn't use Speedhacks, you shouldn't have changed too much.
Gave that a go, but its exactly the same. at the exact same point
Just completely reinstalled, only changed the Config for video to software, some thing, Tried Speed hacks with safe preset and it seemed like hyperspeed. up until that same point.

On speed 6 it runs at about 50fps, and only laggs enough to make you sad.
Meh maybe its just that game, i am able to play God of War2 Much more successfully.
Try the latest SVN, it has a new speed hack that uses a third core (the MTVU speed hack)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Installed latest rev but it's worse lol maybe I need to tweak it's config more but I'm outta tim will see and post tomorrow
Yeah use the GSdx from 0.9.8 release since the one from the SVNs is a work in progress and might be slower, but the rest of the plugins are all improved
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yeah I can play GOW2, and Burnout3 With no problems, gonna try SanAndreas now!

Thanks alot!
Sorry forgot to say that

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