PCSX and RAM question
Hello. I`ve had a recent issue with my PCSX2. I don`t know if many of you have noticed that when running in windowed mode there are actually 2 widonws... the black one which shows the boot of PCSX2 and the active on which your game is displayed. So... when you look at the active one`s tab you`ll see a nuber which keeps increasing. So my question is: what does this huge number presnts? And a few days ago while I was playing some game in PCSX2 I noticed that this number has become quite huge and all of a sudden the widnow gave me a blue screen with error in 0x0000008... Then I made a hard reset... Are these things connected?

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Uh that 'huge' number is the sector of the dvd/iso the emulator is reading. After its' done it moves on to the next one...
The console window is mainly for debugging so you should disable it.
Hard reset can be caused by lots of things,but very very rarely by PCSX2. You'll need to provide us with more info if you want that issue to be looked into,like PC specs,PCSX2 configuration,if you've done any overclocking etc
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The BSOD was caused by your RAM. Download a RAM testing tool like Prime95 or memtest and see if it finds any errors.
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