PCSX not detecting SSSE4?
I belive my chip has SSE4, its a intel core 2 duo e8500 @ 3.16 (Stock)

When i use the SSSE 4 plugin, i get no options to change, and cant use pixel shader 3.0, where using SSE3 i can. its not -much- of an issue, but if it can speed me up im wanting it Tongue

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If you just mean that pcsx2 doesn't detect latest gabest plugin,
then just update to latest DirectX .
the plugin is there, and i can use it, its not enabling ssse4.
Plugin could not enable SSE4 -- there is 3 versions of plugins, one for SSE2, one for SSSE3 and one for SSE4. If you could select SSE4 version, it's enabled SSE4 by default.
right, and the fact i cant use pixel shader 3.0 and some other options is?

and you shouldnt mistake sse4 with ssse4, im talking about ssse4
There is no such thing on Earth as SSSE4. Last on 3 variant for SSE4.1. And you could not use PS3.0 have simple meaning -- you videocard does not capable with pixel shaders 3.0. It could be DX, drivers or simply old videocard. PS3.0 have no link with CPU SSE 4
Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extension

Also, my video card is an ATI radion HD 4870, with shader 4.1 model

And FYI, i run the SSSE3 plugin on 3.0
SSE 4 is not supplemental. Suplemental was SSSE3 on behave of SSE3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streaming_SIMD_Extensions
Ok wrong there, but regardless


when you select Direct X 10, you use pixel shader 4, and what is grayed out in gsdx dialog is meaningless.

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