PCSX r1059.
What happened with this version?

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Someone can give me a solution? PCSX or Plugins?

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Known issue. It's a beta, use a previous one.
ferrarinews don't you think you're starting to get annoying.You've writed about this problem everywhere,3 people(including dev.)told you that this is pcsx2 problem and it wont be fixed any time soon but you're still complaining on and on when new rev. comes out.

If you want to play this game so much,play it with problems or on your PS2.It's not like it's impossible to be played,and like I've told you in the other forum,changing the VU Clamp modes fixes some of the problems(I've got missing characters with the default settings but changing the vu clamp modes to Extra fix this problem).

I don't get this problem of yours with those unknown characters.
Sorry I will not post more vsub. I get warnings, many times without knowing why, and there are people who post......without comments.
Finish, i wait. And sorry my English, but it is not my language.

P.S. Just to know, i played, Gran Turismo I, II, III, IV. Gran Turismo 5 no, because i dont have PS3, with very sorry. Is the games that I like most, and the only i play in PS2. Other games is for my children, that's the reason i like so much, and in PC, is fantastic.
ferrarinews, the pcsx2 team is always working hard to make improvements, sooner or later you will be able to play the game. But that version of pcsx is a beta, so it is expectable that some games might stop working or play worse. I can't play Arcana Heart 2 on the betas and I could on 0.9.6, for example.
BTW: I'm a ferrari fan too (guess you are, considering your nick). But I like Vettel and Alonso better right now. =P
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Pcsx2.net Wrote:PCSX2 Beta 1059
Here's the latest pcsx2 beta, for all those users who want to try it. It will be updated whenever we see fit.

Keep in mind we do not offer any kind of official support for this. It's mainly for users who want to try the latest additions.

You can however report new bugs to us in the bug reporting forum, here, after reading the guidelines

For installation instructions and a changelog, please refer here

the Second line says:
we do not offer any kind of official support for this.
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Ive already fixed this, i just need to make sure there are no remaining bugs before i commit it.
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refraction Hi. I dont understand what you say, can you explian. Thanks.
Simply put he already has a fix for it but he needs to test it more to be sure it doesn't break anything before he uploads it as an official revision.
OK. Thanks friend.

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