PCSX really slow, not trying to spam but please help!
My frames frequently skip, lags up, and audio becomes slow/choppy whenever i play.... I also get black squares like the image isnt being rendered at all.... AND my EE goes to 80-100% and my GS goes around 50-100%... I have PCSX2 version

AMD Phenom II X3 2.1 Ghz
4GB DDR2 RAM 800 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO 768 MB
Im trying to play NBA Street Vol 2

I read the "Will PCSX run on my computer" thread and my specs seem to be good. Here are some screens of my plugin settings....

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Just remember PS2 games are alike PC games in the sense each one has it's own requisites and hardware demands.

Sorry I can't help with that specific game. Your setup looks fine. The problem there is indeed the CPU low clock, many PS2 games will play poorly with it albeit many PC games might run fine. One the main problem being: while PC games run native and are playable under something as low as 24+ FPS (if lag does not becomes an issue) PS2 games need to run at the TV standard frame rate it uses (60 FPS for NTSC and 50 FPS for PAL) and the emulator still has to translate everything... hence it being so "hungry" of hardware power.
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oh ok... i thought my cpu was fast enough since the guide said Phenom II's will be playable with
I have a phenom II 965BE, running at 3.4 per core and it struggles with many games Smile

Emulating PS2 is not easy task for the machine. Still yours have enough horse power to run some less demanding PS2 games with acceptable performance, I really don't know that game you are trying to run and can't tell how "hard" it is on your rig.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Bad graphics card.
The 9500 GSO is not bad, but it's definitely no 9600GT. Should not be a problem on native res most times. If anything, it's the relatively low CPU clock rate.

Of course, it really depends on what game you're trying to play.
Play games at native res sucks hard, lol. But it is still better than the ps3 console since it is features packed! ^^
(03-17-2011, 03:01 AM)tuanming Wrote: Play games at native res sucks hard, lol. But it is still better than the ps3 console since it is features packed! ^^

Yeah, because everybody will play in 5000x5000 resolution 88xAA 64xAF, so he need 10 GTX 590's in SLI to get 4000 fps Blink...

come on... 9600 GSO is enough for native maybe even low/medium internal resolution... maybe native sucks for you but not for the OP, 9600 GSO performance is on par with 8800 GTS G80 espically if it is the DDR3 version.

here in PCSX2 forums eveybodys computers sucks Tongue
I hate to say this to people that their computer sucks, not everybody have $5000 to buy an utterly high-end pc.

The OP have a phenom cpu which is quite decent for pcsx2, maybe he will not get the full fps all the time, but it well be playable at least ,He just needs to overclock his cpu to get the full power out of it.
PCSX2 works on some of my games but not all of them(Simpsons curry run)it won't load it and also FFVII Vincinient game
Plus Xenosaga Series had some bugs during the CG cut scenes
@pcsx2freedom : please open your own thread if you have any problem instead of hijacking someone else's
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