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PCSX shuts down after a few minutes of use
Prime95 is not a good software to test a cpu. By the way there no good software to test cpu, it is only a matter of probability. Potentially you have a bad (or more transistor) in the middle of 1 billions ! You could run lots of program in your life without encounter any issues.

The best and only way in my opinion is to try the dralor suggestion. Go back to 2 cores mode (if possible and do a test)

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prime95 is fine for cpu testing when you adjust the memory access patterns as well to also test memory properly.
If the 4th core can be unlocked it's fine. It's just a normal 4 core CPU that had one of it's limbs chopped off cuz AMD needed more 3 core cpus
There is no die difference between a quad core with a locked bad core and a quad core with locked good core. You have no guarantee that the unlocked core will be good.

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