PCSX_ui Issue

When I try to run FFX on the emulator (newest version), the game begins to load, shows a flash of the screen, the reboots back to the memory card manager screen.
This error shows up:

[wx] can't remove file 'C:\Users\Nate\Desktop\PCSX\inis\PCSX2_ui.ini' (error 5: access is denied.)
[wx] Failed to update user configuration file.

I've tried reinstalling, googling the topic, removing the file, moving the file's location... everything I could think of

Any help?
Thanks in advance

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Probably UAC again or maybe DEP
Try running as administrator
Or, download the PCSX2 Binaries, then extract them in a custom location like "C:\PCSX2" (NOT IN "Program Files").

This solution will sucessfully move that file (and the other ini files) for PCSX2. Naturally, the ini files have a set location, so moving one manually will simply cause it to be recreated where the emulator expects it.

With the binaries, PCSX2 will expect the ini files to be where you extracted the binaries (in the inis folder). As long as they're not in a location that requires admin rights (like "My Documents" or "Program Files"), they can be altered without a fuss.

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