[PCSX1.6.0] Music 3000 - strange graphics output with built-in song "Help Me"
Hi there, hope I don't blame myself posting here if this issue's been brought up before already. I just got around to test Music 3000 as I've planned to put an ISO of my disc onto my PS2 and wanted to test it before - and by doing that, I've noticed something weird happening in the video output particularly with the song "Help Me". Especially, this songs video does show some vertical stripes in some scenes, but those are definitely not displayed "on bare metal". Maybe someone knows how to fix that, or if it might be a problem with my disc?
If neccessary, I could also provide a screen recording of this songs playback (in PCSX from DVD, as to eliminate problems with ripping that disc) as well as an ISO of my disc if this might somehow help.
No need to hurry, though - I'm still able to run this game on my console and just got curious about the issue in PCSX. Smile

Just to clarify settings, though - I'm running preset 3 ("balanced"), GSdx 2020050614083/1.2.0 with default setings despite 2xAA on a Radeon 570 8GB, driver version 21.2.1.

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