PCSX2 0.9.1 - Release
PCSX2 0.9.1 is now available to download here, enjoy!

This release brings a significant speed increase to the majority of games, this is due to a complete rewrite of the EE and VU recompilers. Various other improvements have increased compatibility with games, you will be able to check your game against the included compatibility list, which lists nearly 1000 titles (Please note at time of release list is not guaranteed 100% accurate).

Whilst the new recompilers are a major improvement, the recompilers are not 100% accurate at present, this may result in a number of broken games.

A further release will be created in the future enhancing upon the overall compatibility of the new recompilers. This is part of a new release schedule where we plan to be releasing more frequently; however, do not make requests for releases or ask when such a release will be produced.

As ever we have opened a 'screenshots' thread for you to post in, and the forums are there for you to discuss the project and ask questions.

You will also be aware that the Hot Shots Contest started earlier this month. Given the lack of entries so far, we are extending the contest deadline until the 15th July 2006, you may enter shots from PCSX2 0.9.1 (recommended) or 0.9, those of you who have already entered are allowed to update your posts with new submissions if you wish.

Hopefully people are more imaginative, and post less Final Fantasy shots Wink

EDIT: A regression bug was fixed. Now Makai Kingdom, Grandia II, Rez, and Taito Legends should work. It is recommended that you redownload 0.9.1.

:: Download PCSX2 0.9.1
:: Screenshots Thread

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