PCSX2 0.9.5
i wanna play onimusha: dawn of dreams, and i have seen in the compatibility list that it works on version 0.9.5, i have searched fopr this version, but couldn't find it,is itout already or as beta? where can i find it?

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how do i use it? it says it can't work cus some file missing, but it completly downloaded...
nvm, found out how it works =]
cool!!! the 0.9.5 version can completly play the opening m,ovie of the games like of monster hunter 2!!!

i also happy to see that soon Shinobi will be run-able too (probably in the next version or the offical 0.9.5 bversion...)
BTW, is there a fix for the messed up background images in DoD? Other than that the game runs mostly fine and looks way better than on the PS2.
Nope unfortunately not but that is very minor really Smile Indeed the game runs and looks great! If you finish it do report it!
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it looks better than on the PS2 itself?.. how is that possible?..
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Simple,you can use a different internal resolution than the PS2's native one.So setting a res like 1600x1200 will look way better than the native 512x512 that the ps2 games render at.Plus filtering...
[Image: newsig.jpg]

Here are 4 screenshots:
1 - the background glitch - basically you miss a some nice still images and you can't read the documents you find during the game
2_n - the game at PS2 resolution
2_h - the game at 1280x1024 (higher than that tends to crash on my machine for some reason)
3 - the only other visual glitch I've seen in the game - pretty nasty, it occurs on some levels (guess it's related to a certain visual effectthe game uses for those). Not a game stopper, since with some patience you can still find your way using the map.

I'll report when I finish the game on PCSX2, but I still hope we'll eventually get a new version that fixes the visuals.

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