PCSX2 0.9.6 DBZ Budokai 3
I tried to play DBZ Budokai 3 at Native Resolution with all game hacks with the following:

Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core Quad Q8200 2.33ghz
8gb of DDR3 Ram
ATI 4650 HD 1gb DDR2

During gameplay it only ran 35-45 fps

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we have the same proc, although i have a pathetic nvidia 9400 gt and only 4GB of DDR2-800 ram. i was able to run the game perfectly using moderate VU cycle stealing, x2 cycle rate selected, and all other speedhacks on. also used the latest gsdx plugins. i got the pal version though.

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I have NTSC and during the time I go hyper mode or super saiyen the game runs at 60fps (the moment when everything gets darker and the player is becoming super saiyen or going hyper mode) In your image you are showing the part when you go through hyper mode, although I forgot to try VU cycle stealing.
try to uncheck the native and make it 1400-1400 that would fix the choppy edges.
then uncheck other speedhacks, some of it aren't compatible with other speedhacks, try to fix clamp mode too in advanced.
These are my options and DBZ BT3 runs smoothly at 60 FPS(yeah sorry i saw you said only Budokai, but saw it after i wrote my post Tongue so hope it still helps, basically BT3 should need more juice than B3, atleast i think :0) )

get the latest beta
set GSdx to run in DirectX10 mode, native res
at the CPU settings enable VUREC0-1, and MTGS.
Speed Hacks : x1.5 Cycle Rate. IOP x2 Cycle Rate and Status Flag Hack enabled
(08-10-2009, 10:43 PM)bmate Wrote: basically BT3 should need more juice than B3, atleast i think
backwards, actually. BT3 is less intensive than budokai3, because bt3 is a slow-paced game
hmm this got me interested, good thing we have ebay. ordered it for 10 bucks lol
yea, I was shocked about that too, but BT3 goes at 40fps (on my OLD card) where B3 only goes about 10 Angry

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