PCSX2 0.9.6 Kingdom Hearts
Hi, new to the pcsx2 stuff, so I apologize in advance for any simple mistakes I make...

So I got everything set up, plugins, bios, etc etc all in their folders and snug, got the cdvd to point to where i have the kingdom hearts disc loaded, and when i go to file=> run cd/dvd, the game screen comes up, it says that i have 50-60 fps, etc etc. but there's just a black screen. I checked on the pcsx2 site, and kingdom hearts is listed under "playable" so I was wondering if anyone had the same problem, or could suggest a fix?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


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What are your PC specs? What plugins are you using? Also, are you setting any gamefixes or speed-hacks?
I've got a gateway laptop, 1.83 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 3gigs of ram, integrated graphics chip.

not running any speedhacks, and i just used default plugins, didn't change anything.

do i maybe have to downgrade to an older pcsx2 version?
are you using the latest Beta 1888?

Your integrated graphics chip might not be good enough...
Please send a screenshot of what graphics plugin your using along
with it's settings and make sure to update your DirectX.
Yes, your PC is a little weak for most PS2 games. Using the latest beta (1888 at this time) is your only hope. Also, be sure and try out the newest plugin pack (as of March '10), as well. If you get playable speeds on Kingdom Hearts, consider yourself lucky.
ah poop... I guess I'll just hold off on this little project until I upgrade =/

Thanks for all your help, guys, I really appreciate it.
No problem. Don't forget, the emulator is a work in progress. Meaning, you may be able to play the game someday (to what degree is uncertain) if an upgrade is gonna be a long ways away. Be sure and check back from time to time, as new betas/plugins continue to bring better speeds and compatibility. Your processor isn't total crap (it's at least a C2D), it's just slow. Depending on just how bad your graphics card is, your laptop might just play PS2 games one day. Smile
Why so negative about it? Kingdom Hearts is not such a demanding game IIRC. It's more or less like FFX. Foralis' laptop may not be so fast, but at least has a C2D processor and if he keeps the res in native with GSDX and use speed hacks I guess he should be able to play through the entire game. Not at full, but at an acceptable speed.
The problem with the black screen could be a plugin config issue. Some screenshots of plugins and configs would be useful.

Hmm, we had an issue with the dx10 shaders not working on intel chips (somewhat fixed in svn I believe), try dx9.
I would only worry with Kingdom Hearts being a more action oriented game that a loss of speed may ruin gameplay for some people a little easier.

Well, it shouldn't hurt to try, anyways. Besides, we still don't know what plugins/setting Foralis is using exactly. He said he didn't change anything. Doesn't PCSX2 come default with Native off? A screen capture would really help...

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