PCSX2 0.9.6 Thank you thread
Hope the Admins here like my idea of a thank you thread. I am a Member since 0.9.4(sometimes active at the old forum) and used the Beta 0.9.5

Until NOW.

I have to say: Great job. The videosequences of KH2 and FF12(ff12: the vid on the titel screen) are now working perfect.

And a well done speedup everywhere.

What else can i say?


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I can but agree with you. Not only PCSX2 is virtually the only PS2 emulator around, but it has also made excellent as of the latest SVNs. Keep it up, guys!
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Yes, an amazing emulator and I can't get enough of it.

The PCSX2 Team are the best emulation programmers I have ever seen!Smile
I wish to thank the PCSX2 Team as well, you've done a great job Happy
been around sinc 0.9.2, must say I'm impressed. even runs well on my 2.2 (my current pc) quite fast, considering the recommened requirements Smile
Much thanks, now I have a chance to play my games with out fear of a loose power connection or faulty PS2s! And you made Wild Arms 5 playable! Keep it up! *Grins*
I Remember the day, i got my new pc. I downloaded pcsx2 and bought a PS2 like gamepad for my pc.
And i must say: it was one of my better ideas Laugh

My friend has a PS2 so i can compare gamefeelings. And there are not much differnces. On most games i have 60fps or at least 54fps(the games which are compatible to pcsx2).Sound is excellent. Without this emu, i would have never play KH or KH or one of the FF titles from PS2.(no one wants to lend me his ps2 Tongue ).

(05-04-2009, 10:21 PM)Memnarch Wrote: (no one wants to lend me his ps2 Tongue ).
and no one wants to know that you have a pirated BIOS Rolleyes
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
(05-04-2009, 10:21 PM)Memnarch Wrote: Without this emu, i would have never play KH or KH or one of the FF titles from PS2.(no one wants to lend me his ps2 Tongue ).

Warned for piracy. You need to have your ps2 in order to use the emulator.

And Luis, I am getting tired of this behavior you have....

First, it's not your place to make snide remarks. And for that matter, even if you were a forum staff member (which you are not), you should not anyway.
And second, if you see a post that clearly states, like this, that the owner is conducting an act of piracy, then report it.

Cause I assure you, not reporting it and instead writing these kind of posts, you really aren't making a good impression on me...

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