PCSX2 0.9.6 isn't working while the 0.9.7 beta was. Help?
Trying to see if it'll work a bit better with Tales of the Abyss as after some searching around it seems different versions will work better for some things.

I was using the latest beta version alright, just this game was having some problems. When I tried to get the normal one working it set up okay, yet the plugin info I put in wouldn't save and I would get this message:

Could not load GS plugin 'plugins': <NULL>

So I'd enter them again, they seem to save when I go to config, but upon running the game I have no success with them staying as I had them set.

Also having a similar problem with the memory card. I'll select the card I wish to use, but each time I click okay it just resets to the normal settings.

Can anyone help me with these things?

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If you have Vista/7, have you installed pcsx2 to a folder you have rights to or did you install it to say program files?
If yes, install it to a diffrent folder or run as administrator.
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can u post ur actual setting...
Install in C:\Games\PCSX2 and from now on avoid installing any game in the C:\Program Files folders.

The above is valid to Any protected/proprietary folder. So and too, avoid installing in Documents, Desktop, any folder inside the /users actually and you'll have less headaches.
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Ah, thanks, that made it works. Thanks for that.

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