PCSX2 0.9.7 Development
While Alpha version of 0.9.7 is floating around the web I'd like to point to one thing.
The new structure of option menu where you can enable or disable specific options and plugins for improvement is heavily changed.

I'd like to ask developers that work on this new version (cause this is some early build)all these menus to have attached some sort of info balloon or something. where we can actually know what we're enabling and what it's function.
and btw this new build reminds me of epsxe. Tongue Those were good ol' days....

From the aspect of performance I haven't test it yet, nor im planing cause i dont have that much time...the latest public beta is quite good and offers some great improvment. This new release i think will also be another step forward
I believe this will be the final version or last bigger revision so take all the time you need and improve this emulator as much as u can.
Keep up the good work!

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