PCSX2 0.9.7 - MDF Files
Hey everbody
i have a problem with a mdf file.
want to play a game with the PCSX2 0.9.7, but the mdf file don'T work on this version. so i tried a another , older version PCSX2 0.9.6. And see...the mdf file work on the older version

don't know why the mdf file don'T work on this version, so i want to ask you guys.
can u help me pls?

don'T ask something like : why don't u play on the older version, if the newer version don't work?
my answer: cause the games on the newer version don'T lagg.
hope u can help me

btw: sorry for my bad english Smile


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I dont know why your mdf file doesnt work, it should. But its a simple thing to get around just use imgburn and make an iso of your disc instead.
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What game?
If you made a .mdf file from a CD disc it's a known issue and already fixed for the next beta/release or whatever comes next, for now it won't work with the internal ISO loader so you'll have to choose "Linuz ISO cdvd 0.9.0" as your cdvd plugin and run PCSX2 with "plugin" selected under the CDVD menu instead... or just make a .iso or .bin file instead as GamerGeek already said.
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