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PCSX2_0.9.7_(r3119)_Binaries [Crash Issues]
I do not know the exact amount but CNQ is on when cpu load is less of 30-40%. Above your CPU run at full speed.

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This subject is interesting yet more because it can bring light on why some applications and PCSX2 in particular do have issues with the power saving feature. No objection at all than it is useful and reflects on the bill at the end of the month. Maybe it could have it's own thread where people could brainstorm what they see as possibles causes. As it seems at first glance, the application adapts to the available power and ask not for more, EE see the load as 100% but the system is happy the actual CPU load is low and keep it so.
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Ok, I got things working again. Somehow, the current or new version of the emulator didn't like it when I kept importing the same settings. so I took the folder out and made a new one. It's kool now. Thanks everyone!. I hope someday, this can play Sengoku Basara X better!

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