PCSX2 0.9.8 error message
Hey people aim new and has there a problem namely I would play with pleasure once more naruto ultimate ninja 4 it has already of all CD and thus and, well, if I then starts then the error message pcsx2 does not come 0.9.8 has also functioned nen screen(http://minus.com/mJnVS9CN0#1 its n german i hope you can read this) of it I hope somebody help me and if already has seemed then I am sorry.

Here my operating system:
operating system:Windows Vista Home Premium 6.0
NVIDIA GeForce 9700M GT
memory: 3070MB RAM
DirectX: DirectX 11
whole memory:1776 MB
announcement mode:1920 x 1080 (32bit)(60Hz)

And mine plugin:http://minus.com/mCBzZTq9l#1

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That looks like a generic "program has stopped functioning" windows 7 error. You could be missing needed .dll files, or it could be you need to launch as administrator. Do you have any error logs?
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I have begun it already as an Admin, however, I believe this it lies in it I have become old also does not know sometimes like one biology gets (believe this is not legal or?) or produces etc.

Does have has taken care it now, however, there I have one more problem I have a.mdf file (play) and does have disk on iso, however, if I start then comes only here (has made screen you have to do, however, downloaden) http://minus.com/mbqgIFj9Vp what now?
Please post in your native language so we can have someone who can actually understand the language translate it for us instead of using a translation service.
hello.. i am facing same problem.. theres iso file selector and the game which i downloaded is mdf file ... its 4 GB... plsss need assistance.. by the did you solve your problem? [please my scrn shot]

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