PCSX2 0,9,8 slowdown
Hi just downloaded pcsx2 0.9.8 and install it on my pc to play phantasy star complete collection but for some reason the game plays really slow.

System specs:

Phenom 965 black edition 3.4 x4 cpu
xfx radeon 5770 xxx 1gb
4gb of ddr5 1600 kingston memory

tried the stock settings,preset settings on 3 aggressive and nothing helps.
[Image: Untitled-7.jpg]

Thanks in advance.

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I suggest you to download the latest PCSX2 SVN revision (http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.p...indows-x86).
If it doesn't help then enable recommended speedhacks (in latest SVN). And also, where do you get slowdowns?
Well i have been making other isos of my games and so far, tokyo xtreme racer 3 worked fine with minimal slow,mana khemia worked good too and tales of the abyss worked great!.

Im getting slowdowns on phantasy star 4 most of them time,enough to be notice on music and gameplay.Will try your suggestion though i download mine from pcsx2 page dont know if there are different.
War so far with the latest version is working really neat! thanks alot! to bad tokyo xtreme racer still looks weird and blurish but its working real nice.Thanks again,
I know about this game, it does a lot of EE operations that have slightly wrong cycle counts assigned to them.
To this game the emulated PS2 is too slow. This is a PCSX2 problem and we're planning to fix it.
Thanks alot rama and thanks for the effort you guys are putting into this,this new version made me feel like pcsx2 is closer to be almost a 100% perfect ps2 emulator.
That's what forums are for - you ask, we answer. Happy

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