PCSX2 0.9.8 works on a good computer, but won't work on an even better computer...
I'm using PCSX2 0.9.8 to run Showdown Legends of Wrestling (I own the game and made my own ISO of it). It works nearly perfect on my home computer (a bit of lag, but still playable). But when I try it on my local library's computers (which are even better than my home computer), the emulator crashes every time I start the game. I've tried tinkering with every option the emulator offers, but it still won't start up.

I don't have my home comp's specs right now, but I can give you the library's comp specs:

Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
Intel Core i3 CPU Quad-Core 3.20GHz
DirectX 11
NVIDIA GeForce 315 2.2GB VRAM

Also, I have d3dx9_43.dll in the PCSX2 folder (so I can make the emulator portable). Please don't tell me that's the problem, because I can't install system files like DirectX on the library computers.

Can you guys help me with this problem?

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they probably disallow registry editing (which pcsx2 does)

try making a file in the pcsx2 folder called "portable.ini"
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There already is a "portable.ini" in the folder. What needs to be in the ini?
nothing specific ;p the file just needs to be there.

other option then, try runing "dxdiag", if that fails, then they dont have directx installed at all, which will cause it to crash when you try and run a game.

other than that.. only time ive seen complete crashes be fixed is by placing the emulator in a different folder. its not something like the paths are wierd in your pcsx2.ini? try renaming your ini folder and see what happens
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Dxdiag started up, so they've obviously got DirectX installed. And renaming the "inis" folder to "ini" only created a new "inis" folder.

I hope this problem can be fixed. I want to be able to play this emulator on every computer I can run it on.
Its not something daft like you dont have the 2010 runtimes is it?


give that a whirl
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He cannot install VCpp Redist on the library computer.

PCSX2 used to hang my old laptop when I used DX9 hardware mode on a crappy IPG (maybe it does not fully support DX9). The screen was blue (not the BSOD) and the whole system hung. But it is not your case. What kind of error did you get with PCSX2?
I get a generic Windows error crash message saying "pcsx2-r4600 has stopped working. Click here etc etc etc"
does it say what module crashed?
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It does not say what module crashed.

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