PCSX2 1.0 + MTVU = crashes on game shutdown
Been using SVN build 5336 with MTVU for a few weeks without any issues.

In comes 1.0 (5350) and during my testing of it, it crashes when using the 'shutdown' feature after booting a game.

The crash is resolved by disabling MTVU.

To make sure it wasn't my transferred config, I used the installer (instead of the binary) and installed it into a fresh directory. Still crashes.

Any reason for this crash to happen between a fairly small revision cycle? I didn't expect 1.0 to actually have a problem a developer revision didn't.

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;P Ever read the hack description?
"may cause hangin" ;] and soo it hangs. It depends on the game like most speedhack problems;]. Count it as feature for using speedhacks.
That doesn't explain why MTVU works without crashing in revision 5336.

It's happening on all the games I've tested in 1.0.

Minor edit to OP to try and clarify this.
Known to occur in some games

when you do find one that it occurs in, reset emulation before shutting down the emulator, or, even pausing emulation before exiting will work.
Does the Send\Don't Send dialog say the reason for the crash(some the exe or some of the plugins).

Try running 1.0.0 with the GSdx plugin that comes with pcsx2-r5336
(08-16-2012, 06:14 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: Known to occur in some games
The problem is it's happening only in 1.0 (5350) when it doesn't in 5336. Even 0.9.8 (4600) is fine. I always pause emulation before shutdown as well.

(08-16-2012, 06:42 PM)vsub Wrote: Does the Send\Don't Send dialog say the reason for the crash(some the exe or some of the plugins).

Try running 1.0.0 with the GSdx plugin that comes with pcsx2-r5336
APPCRASH, faulting module pcsx2-r5350.exe

Strangely enough, using the GSdx revision from the 5336 SVN build resolves the issue.

The GSdx revision in the 1.0 package seems to be 2 revisions older than the one included with 5336. (5334 vs 5336) Is 1.0 actually older than 5336 or was an older version of GSdx included with 1.0 for some reason?
the last GSDX changes rama merged to trunk are from 5334

which is a shame since there was a few fixes introduced from 5346 - 5346 specifically for gsdx
weird question : what an effect does the GS plugin do to VU ( MTVU )
If you talk about GSdx difference between 5334 and 5336 then NONE as the only thing that changed in GSdx during that time was 2 more crc's for GOW/GOW2;P, that surely doesn't affect MTvu. Through anything that is threaded could cause problems when MTvu is additionally involved, couse threading isn't really soo clear and simple;P, a small change can easily lead to a crash.

If anything it would be more possible that the PGO build behaves differently. I imagine that MTvu bugs are caused by desyncrhonization and possibly stuff is fixed by workarounds considering how impossible it was to make in the first place. Maybe some changes in timings could affect some MTvu bugs for better or worser. Would be nice to compare normal build of 1.0.0 vs optimized one to check that stupid theory before saying "oh noooes PGO sucks".

Anyway it's a warned speedhack "feature" no real argument vs that.;P
Huh.. still happening actually.

Seems to be a problem with loading a game, pausing, then shutting down within a few seconds.

But.. I repeated the same exact rapid shutdown test while plugin switching and hadn't crashed on GSdx 5336 until now. So now both GSdx revisions are crashing, but only when shutting down relatively fast.

Something really odd is going on with 1.0.0..

I think I'll just avoid using MTVU for now. It actually slows down Odin Sphere by around 20 FPS (when testing uncapped, drops from 260ish to 241ish).

Edit: It's also happening on SVN 5336.. Yeah, uh, I've no idea why it's now doing this when I've been using PCSX2 for over a month. (Hell, I've even used v0.9.6 and 0.9.7 a few years ago) I should've noticed this in the past, but I haven't.

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