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PCSX2 1.2.0 released!
Blame Chrome for starting the version race. PCXS2 would get lapped if they didn't start inflating the version number too.

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Nah, we choose the new, regular numbering system back in the days of 0.9.4 / 0.9.5.
Even odd made a lot of sense but once we went over the 1.0, we could ditch one digit and still keep
the meaning Smile
(02-02-2014, 05:54 PM)Oemenia Wrote: I dont know what you mean exactly but US versions have always been the safest so Ill stick to them. =P

I have noticed Ace Combat 0 now being playable, guessing thats due to the emulation fix.
Exactly,the Americans versions its all more security,i dont know exactly why,but i only think this because its more Easy has a american version of the game and report in the list,only this.
Because dificulty have Pal versions reporteds or NTSC-JAPAN.....
delete please.
Very normal Smile r5864 was the svn revision that the release is based on.
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