PCSX2 1.3.1 & 1.4.0: Lilypad input problem
Hello. I am a veteran user of PCSX2, playing it since it came out with 0.97.

The most recent usable version I used is 1.2.1, which, at the moment, works perfectly with the lilypad (however, over time of use, the program crashes every time I play, from around 10 to 30 minutes in playing any game.)

I usually play Tales of Abyss, which can be played with up to 4 players.

Recently, I have been playing the 4 player mode... and failed.

The game will recognize my Direct X Input controllers (Logitech 710 Gamepad Controllers... I have 2), as well as Keyboard inputs on Ports 1A and 2A. However, today, it simply will not recognize Ports 2B and 2C. 1.3.1 always recognized the ports until today. I did not change any setttings on my PC or PCSX2...

However, something stranger is happening underneath the issue. The keyboard was set to X input method... when it always was on Windows Messaging. When I changed from Xinput to Windows Messaging, the controls on 2B and 2C disappeared. Even more stranger, the controls for 2C were placed into 1A's slot!

I suppose this is a rare bug in the Emulator, so I switched to the new version: 1.4.0. I successfully inputted all of the controls one by one.

Guess what? It still did not work. I switched from WM to Xinput... and it did not work again. Then, the strangest thing happened... I switched from Xinput to Windows Messaging, and the controls for 2B and 2C disappeared again, along with the controls for 2C being placed into 1A's slot! I am left dumbfolded on how this could happen! A simple programming error in the software could be the culprit. Otherwise, I have so many versions of PCSX2 installed, it may be a conflicting error. But I never install PCSX2 in the same location! I have PCSX2 0.97 - 1.2.1 in seperate folders on my external drive, 1.3.1 on a different external drive, and 1.4.0 on my internal hard drive (Documents). Unless the registry is screwed up and causing conflicting errors, it must be the software itself!

It also could be operator error, but I'm not sure how I could make the controls switch ports.

Here's my computer specs:

x64 Windows 10
16 GB of RAM
Nividia Geforce 630

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Ok, so, it was operator error. I enabled multitap in only the Plugins area. I did NOT enable multitap in the actual menu. My mistake. Now it works like a charm.

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