PCSX2 1.4.0 50% speed
Recently pcsx2 has been going at 30fps for games at 50% speed. It was working perfectly at 60fps before and suddenly dropped one day. I don't know why it happened; maybe i accidentally pressed something or turned on vsync. Turbo mode also doesn't affect speed. I'd appreciate help. Thank you

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Maybe you are in slow motion mode which is 50% of the normal speed
Try pressing shift+tab
Thanks vsub but it didn't work. Switching to slow motion and turbo doesn't affect game speed and it stays at 30fps. When I boot up pcsx2 it starts at 100% and then immediately drops to 50% speed. Any tips on what I should change (like plugins) or what I might've done to cause this? Additionally, sometimes games work at 60fps and later they work at 30fps so it's off and on.
So apparently pcsx2 slows down to 30fps when I unplug my charger and goes back to normal when I plug it in. Does anybody know a fix?
Change your PC performance plan to "high performance"

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