(PCSX2 1.5.0) OnePad issues with X axis of right stick
Hi, I am on Arch Linux x64 and experiencing problems with onepad-legacy plugin.

What happens is regardless of gamepad (Xbox360 wireless, Dualshock4 v2 wireless/usb) -- while mapping all buttons/axis works fine only the X axis of the right stick does not work at all (in configuration tool and in-game). It only registers the Y axis even though the configuration seems OK (also compared with the pcsx-1.4 onepad ini). Other than that gamepad works properly.

I've been switching to stable release 1.4 since I do not have problems with the old onepad plugin there. I looked for similar issues but could not find any nor a proper solution so sorry in advance if my research skills failed me.

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Hum, did you try the new onepad plugin ? Mapping is automatic, does it work ?
Well OK it works as you said. Somehow in the versions of early June I did try and it didn't work so I assumed when I couldn't see input in the configuration that it would still not work. Thanks for your answer and your work!
Automatic detection is much more robust. If you still want to use the legacy plugin, there are various check-box options that could fix your problem. Note, you need to restart PCSX2 when you update the onepad option.

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