PCSX2 1.6 does not recognize added plugin dll
All, I am new to PCSX2 and wanted to see if I could get my Logitech wheel to work.  Everything said download USBqemu-wheel.zip put the .dll in your plugins directory and select it.  Problem is my system never sees anything but the USBnull.dll plugin.   I have installed in both portable and not and in neither case does it pickup the USBqemu-wheel.dll.   What am I missing?   Thanks in advance.

Other than this PCSX2 seems to work great.

Running a new I9 intel with Nvidia 3080 so maybe I am missing some other library or something.

Thanks in advance

I found the cause in that I must have had two bad dlls as I followed another thread on the internet and found a dll that did read.

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