PCSX2 1.7 Mapped Joystick Won't Stop Moving
I have v1.7.3701 mapped to arcade sticks using dragonrise encoder boards. These work fine with v1.6 
they do show up as SDL-0 G-Shark GS-GP702 for all 4 detected controllers. I mapped the up, down, left, right to the D-pad and Left Analog... both and separately but it doesn't matter. In game it will just scroll non stop up and down or left to right. Also tried turning the analog sensitivity to zero. I PS2 games should mostly be played with a gamepad but there are quite alot of games that play well on joystick... fighting games mostly of course. So I just wanted to see if there are any workarounds possibly before posting this in the bug report section. Anyone have issues with arcade sticks? if so has it been resolved?

edit - further testing on my other arcade cabinet works with xin-mo joystick encoders. It seems the controller issue is with DragonRise USB encoders (which are widely used)


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