PCSX2 1888 and FFX - Crash

Ok, i've been surfing the forums for quite a while, and have tried pretty much all the settings suggested, but I just can't get FFX to work.

It was working well up to Kilika, where I had the much reported crash, and I got around that using different clamp settings. It continued to work up until just before the championship finals in the Luca Stadium, where the game would play the cut scene of the team getting ready and just about to start the match. The screen fades after wakka's message on the wall, but then the screen will just stay black.

I changed to using the 1888 version, and tried loads of different settings suggested by board members, but it just keeps crashing. These are the settings:





I have no speed hacks or game fixes turned on either.

Any help at all would be appreciated, cheers.

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I too have been having pretty much the same problems I've been black screening left and right very slowly finding some setting that will get around one black screen just to have another one 10 minutes later. I'm using r1888 too.
You don't happen to have the ISO image mounted or used by any other program do you? You should also try switching to a DVD reading plugin like Gigaherz CDVD and trying to play it from a disc
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