PCSX2 .96 and Kingdom Hearts
Hey, I am trying to play Kingdom Hearts, and I am at the very beginning. For some reason my graphics card is not rendering any background, just the sprites of the characters. I have tried all four plugins that came with PCSX2 and no luck. What am I doing wrong?

I have a Asus G50VT-X5 laptop with the following specs:
CPU - Intel C2D P7450 @ 2.13Ghz
Chipset - Intel PM45/ICH9-M
RAM - 4GB DDR2-800
Networking - Realtek RTL8168 and Intel 5100 AGN
Disc Drive - DVD-RW with Lightscribe
HDD - Seagate 7200.3 320GB
Video - nVidia 9800M GS 512MB
Screen - 15.6 WXGA at 1366X768

I attached screenshots of KH-ingame as well as my video settings. Thanks a lot.

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use 0.9.7 beta
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64 sp1, MoBo: Asus P5QD Turbo, CPU: Q6600 @ 3,0Ghz, RAM: Trancend 2x2gb 6-6-6-18 800 MHz, GPU: HD 4850 1gb.
Pcsx2: Always Latest
what iakoboss7 mentioned, and does your processor support SSE4.1 ?
(06-28-2010, 01:09 AM)l[Shady]l Wrote: what iakoboss7 mentioned, and does your processor support SSE4.1 ?

I'm not too sure but when I run PCSX2 and the console opens up it says it is supported..
Then it's supported.
Did you update to 0.9.7 ?
and I 'm not sure if that's really relative, but if you have any speedhacks on turn them off and report back.
Its just ZEROGS

I have the same missing artifacts

Just use GSDX instead .. IT uses less CPU and looks just as good if not better depending on the settings you use

and download the new beta 0.9.7

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