pcsx2 work good on amd computers? and in bios config like SSE4 amd is supported?

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It depends on which AMD computers.

Better check this thread:
Phnom 2x4 at 3,3 ghz and 6850 AMD so work perfectLaugh
AMD's (unless you have a bulldozer) do not support any decent SSE4, also SSE3 is poor too, only SSSE3 (extra S) is supported and AMD's do not have them (again unless on bulldozer), so you're stuck with SSE2
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so? in pcsx2 performance? are poor?
Clock per Clock/Core per Core , even my Pentium dual core beats Bulldozer
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wow ur so drastic XD bulldozer ye is a fail but phenom x4 and x6 are cool no? pretty fast, maybe not like i5 2400/2500 or i7 but U_U
Phenom x2 or x4 or x6 w/ minimum of 4Ghz shall work normally for pcsx2.
but stay away w/ Athlon 64,Turion,Celpron and Bulldozer and ALL AMD laptops.

all was left is your best video card.
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Amd is not good for pcsx2. Intels much better.
Bulldozer series is not good. Even many pc games don't get fullspeed on it Tongue2
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Phenom II's performance is comparable to Intel Core2, the gains from SSE4 are little and can be neglected in some games even so don't worry much about it.

As said before, AMD's current CPUs are slow compared to current gen i5/i7 series but doesn't mean AMD sucks for PCSX2, depends on the game you're trying if it'll be enough to play anyway.
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