The Nvidia nhancer can force applications to render HDR but it works with pcsx2 ? If so can someone explain me how ?

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nhancer cannot force HDR on games as far as I know (can't force what isn't there), what do you mean exactly?
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Yeah... not really sure how you'd force high-dynamic range lighting into things not programmed to use it...
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I guess you could try "enb series". Just google it. It/s a small program that forces HDR into many applications. I'm sure i saw somewhere a thread related to this before...

There is it > http://forums.ngemu.com/ps2-plugin-questions-plugin-troubleshooting/97657-gsdx-180.html
and > http://forums.ngemu.com/ps2-plugin-quest...x-181.html
You can see what more or less what it does with those images
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ENB series is not true HDR... There are no internal lighting maps done up for such a thing. It's more of a collection of various shaders to enhance existing games. Yes there is a noticable and positive difference in many games... but it also shows a lot of ugh imo. And in the case of PCSX2 where you'll basically be trying to use 2 filters and expect them to magically adapt to thousands of games, the results with ENB would definitely be less than spectacular.

There is always the possibility of adding more filters that can be individually toggled for games. Dolphin, for example, has many additional shaders you can use. But there is definitely no magic button that adds true HDR or guaranteed upgraded effects through random shaders.
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Anyway is there a way no matter what the requirments are to play god of war 2 in this quality? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMjVx6yoTrg&NR=1
Yeah. p the internal resolution to 1280 x 720 and use 2xMSAA. I don't know if GoW2 has glitches with upscaling and anti aliasing. But i know that that is what the God of War Collection uses. It plays at 720p with 2xAA at a buttersmooth 60fps.

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