PCSX2 Aging problem?
im a long time emulator user, about 10 years now. iv never had a problem i couldnt fix my self, but my emulator knowledge is pretty limited. i just know what works. 
 Iv had this version of pcsx2 on my computer for about 2 years.   i had a bunch of different games i played pretty regularly, and today i was thinking it would be a good idea to finish kingdom hearts two. Of course to my dismay, i load the iso, click file run full speed, and i get a pcsx2 issue and it has to close, rendering it useless to me. so maybe its the game, so i load of budokai 3 another game i played all the time, so i know it runs perfectly. Again same problem. So i trying running no disk just to see if it did anything. more BS basicly. so i reset all setting hopefully somehow something changed , even though all settings have not been touched for ages, but yeah i wanna play so lets do it, there's no way it wouldn't work after that. So here i am, with the reset setting for pcsx2 all default stuff on load up the game, still doesnt work, Windows found an error in pcsx2 and it has to close, windows is now trying to resolve this.

SO, anyway sorry for the rant. 

Using the same emulator and same roms that iv used for years, today of all days its not working at all, closes every time i load a game. not a problem with settings or anything at all because its the same setting that i've always used.  is this an ageing issue? do i have to redownload the emulator? and will i lose my save file...

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You can just copy your memory cards folder and put it in a new version of PCSX2.
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Possibly it's an issue with malware or whatever, maybe corrupt files.
Try to repair/reinstall dx and vcredist (as linked in the download section of pcsx2.net)
WEll I am pretty sure you updated your computer in the last 2 years. So maybe a fix broke the old version of the emulator.
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