PCSX2 Another crash...
Hey, haven't posted here before, but I noticed there were lots of small crashes to do with the program and was wondering if you could help.

I ran the program and set up the config file as it said in the Configuration section, updated drivers, updated DirectX to 9.0c and so on. When I load it up, I has the normal Sony Entertainment etc... and the intro screen for the PS2, then a blank screen... And the output just has "4 amount left is 0" repeating itself indefinately...
PSXunk:x'something' shows up for a short time as well, so I can never really catch what it says.

My computer specs are:
Processor: AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Tech TL-60
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600
OS: Windows 7.

Just let me know if you can help or if there is anything I need to add.

PS. I did a search for '4 amount left is 0' and couldn't find anything so sorry if this is a repost.

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try changing your sound plugin, that error is reported from the spu2 plugin (zerospu2 in this case)
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OK, that got rid of the '4 amount left is 0' problem... Thank you for that!

But now the psxUNK: ffffffff error... (now I can actually read it) and changes to various other hex digits on the way down usually repeating...
sorry but im afraid my mind reading skills arent up to scratch today, what game are you trying to play?
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Sorry man, trying to play PS1 games, Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid. I don't currently have any PS2 games ISO'd but should shortly.
If you read the FAQ you'd know PCSX2 doesn't emulate PS1 games.
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use a PS1 emulator
Pcsx2 isn't designed to run PS1 games

EDIT : bositman was quicker Tongue2
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Heh, sorry about that, I read until the config part and assumed it was a configuration problem and forgot completely about it... I assumed it would run both, look where that got me Tongue Thanks for your help guys, if it doesn't run PS2 games I'll be back.

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