PCSX2 Appimage what is the last version compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 ?
Thanks for reading my topic.
I have downloaded PCSX2 appimage version 1.7.5027.
When trying start the appimage file not is loaded and show an message about requiring GLIBC version 2.32 and above.
Ubuntu 20.04 libc is 2.31.
Thus being new version not work in Ubuntu 20.04.
What was the last version not requiring GLIBC 2.32 ?
Here I have 1.7.4583.

Have an nice week.

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Try this:

Though I hope you get a more supported build in the future as you will be stuck on that version.
Thanks for replying.
Unhappily not run in Ubuntu 20.04.6.
Is an previous version.

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