PCSX2 Best Config Settings?
I'm currently playing Transformers (2004) on my PCSX2 on my computer. But my computer is making the Game VERY slow. Here's my specs.

Model p7-1254
AMD Radeon A6-3620 APU 2.20 GHz
8.0 GB RAM
Windows 7 x64 Bit

Any help would be gladly appreciated! Let me know if I should add any speed hacks or what kind of Config settings I should use.

"Slow and Steady wins the race!"

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Dunno if you can overclock this CPU.
2.20 ghz is quite low for pcsx2, and that's probably why you are getting this sluggish framerate.

Start by enabling all recommended speedhacks, especially MTVU. set ee cycle rate to 1 & vu cycle stealing to 1.
increase both 1 by 1 to see which config suits best. If you set both to 3, you'll probably get more slowdowns than good results, though. but it's highly possible you'll have to play it on your PS2 for now, until you can afford a better machine.
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what any config setting about pcsx2....?here,i just give some advice as following:
basically,keep all the default setting for pcsx2 will work properly with most of the game.some special game with game fixed will be crash ,such as Gof of War 1 / 2

you could change the gsdx plugins to software /hardware mode,if most of the game run about 55fps or above,In a word those pcsx2 setting and hardware configs(graphic and cpu) equal to running these games.

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