PCSX2 Blue Screen
Now I've been playing PCSX2 for a long time my pc specs are:

Windows 10
16 Gigs of Ram
I7 4k
GTX 970

Now this just happened last night idk if it was my xbox one controller or the game which was Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 60 FPS PATCh.
  • But i noticed my controller the micro usb was not working proprly due to it kind of being broken like the controller would say it was connected but it wasnt so i would have to reconnect it mid game alot. Plus i had my headphone jack in my controller. Now i know for sure my pc hardware isnt broken or anything for this to happen i just found it weird my pc would blue screen 1 time by the way.Cause my pc parts are still pretty brand new. I just wanna make sure my pc okay after this. I also reinstalled the controller drivers just in case

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Did you try running it without the 60fps patch?
yeah before i knew about the 60 fps patch
Those TBL MISS errors appear in a strange part of the game loading process(second game loaded(Dragon Quest 8)after cheats are applied to the first game)
I noticed a split second few fame drop when loading into levels of Dragon Quest i might need to put stuff in default im not running speed hacks. Also i played the full kingdom hearts 2 final mix in 60 fps patch fully i think it was the mirco usb thats broken in my xbox one controller that made my pc go nuts i assume

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