PCSX2 Bugs and Question ? Thanks.
Recent I buy a notebook 14" with I3-2320, 6G Ram, Nvidia GT525M Display Card, 640G 5400Rpm Harddisk, OS: Win7 64bit Ultimate. I need to play PS2 on computer, because the new version PS3 not compatible PS2 games.

I got the problems.
1. play Street fighter EX 3 Very slow about 25-30Fps.
2. play final fantasy 12, also slow, special on movies.
3.megaman 2, that the old nintendo 8bit game. when 'jump', some time also lags (FPS down to 35)
4. many other game.

I already try many setting(DX9, DX11...), also not solve the problems.

Any idea ? or my harddsik not enough ? can give me a good setting ?

I used PCSX2 0.9.8 version R4600. Use Iso or virtual DVD-Rom, both has a same problems.

Hope help. many thanks.

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Your laptop is just not that powerful when compared to what some PS2 emulation needs.
Not that your HDD is slowing you down, but your CPU and/or GPU could be the reason, depending on the game.

Keep the internal resolution lower (i.e. Native) in the Video (GS) settings.

And give some Speedhacks a try in the Emulation Settings.
Thanks, can tell me how setting Speedhacks it good ?
Change your power plan to High Performance. Speedhacks will surely help you. Try altering between them and see which one helps. Laptops/Netbooks are slow for PCSX2, and they get heated up much faster. Tongue2
And how come megaman 2 lag. ????

johnk Wrote:I need to play PS2 on computer, because the new version PS3 not compatible PS2 games.

So why don't you play it on your PS2, if your PC is fast enough and you play PS3 Games. Tongue2
I am sure you got a PS2.Happy
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The basics of Speedhacks:

The Simple Method
On the bottom of Emulation Settings, there is a check-box with a slider labeled "Preset". The more you move the slider over increases your potential speed gain, but also increases the chance for glitches, bugs and general game-breakage.

The Controlled Method
This is the prefered method, but takes some trial and error with each game.

You can start by enabling Speedhacks and making sure the [Recommended] hacks are enabled. They usually can give a bit of a speed boost, and are also quite compatible with most games. You could then begin to raise the EE or VU slider little by little, and check gameplay at every interval to see how it helped, or if it hurt (i.e. caused glitches or choppy gameplay).

That should get you rolling. There are a few other Speedhacks, but these are the basics. You can always try other less compatible hacks, but if they're not apparently helping, it's best to leave them disabled.

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