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PCSX2-CE for Mac (Wineskin) Oct 2015 Guide
(01-19-2018, 09:21 PM)K-G Wrote: Wine 3.0 has been released today.
Is there a way to configure everything with Wine 3.0 instead with Wineskin (which uses an older version of Wine)?
DX10/11 compatibility has been added — maybe there's the possibility to use a newer GSDX plugin?

There should be a new engine released that contains Wine 3.0 later

Also, DX10/11 doesn't work on macOS because the OpenGL graphics drivers on macOS are garbage

DX9 on the latest GSdx works just fine. d3dcompiler dlls are needed in the same directory as PCSX2 since I said, OpenGL graphics drivers on macOS are garbage

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I am unable to get the pre-made PCSX2 wrapper to open, I just get a dialog box that says Wineskin is currently busy...Please Wait. Anyone else having this issue?

EDIT: Finally was able to get the Wineskin Wrapper Settings Box to load after reading a suggestion from someone in this thread, but now it won't let me install any wine tricks, it keeps crashing when I select the Wine Tricks box.
CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3.3 Ghz
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