PCSX2 Cheat Manager
Hi all.

I created this cheat manager for PCSX2 after getting tired with using PNACH files in notepad++.

You can find it here: PCSX2CheatManager

It's made with Visual C# (don't judge, visual languages are lovely to make simple things like this with).

On first run, it will ask you to specify the cheats folder, which is either in your PCSX2 install folder, or a similar one found in your My Documents folder.

The program allows you to easily create games, and add / edit / toggle / delete cheats for it.


Main form to manage games.
[Image: Main_Page.png]

Game Editor Form.
[Image: Game_Editor.png]

Cheat Editor Form.
[Image: Cheat_Editor.png]

Just some notes:

1. Chances are, the program will not work with your current PNACH files, due to the specific setup I used for file parsing. ( Shouldn't take long to copy the cheats over though.)

2. It does not find CRC codes or convert any cheats to RAW. You will have to find the CRC yourself, and have the RAW codes in the format PCSX2 likes.

3. If anyone wants, I will give the source project to anyone who requests it. You will need Visual Studio 2010.

This is an example of a PNACH file made with my program:

// Game Title: Final Fantasy 12
// Game Region: PAL

// Start of Cheat
// Cheat Name: 1000 exp per fight
// patch=1,EE,202ED0D0,word,24421388
// End of Cheat

// Start of Cheat
// Cheat Name: 99999 LP
// patch=1,EE,202ED11C,word,24022710
// End of Cheat

// Start of Cheat
// Cheat Name: Chain increases by 100
// End of Cheat

// Start of Cheat
// Cheat Name: Chests contain rarest items
patch=1,EE, 203B9A88, extended, 2A020000
patch=1,EE, 203B9A70, extended, 2A020000
patch=1,EE, 203B99E0, extended, 10000019
// End of Cheat

// Start of Cheat
// Cheat Name: Enemies drop all loot
patch=1,EE, 20316d30, extended, 00000000
patch=1,EE, 20316d78, extended, 109e0004
patch=1,EE, 20316d9c, extended, 109e0004
patch=1,EE, 202ed200, extended, 00000000
// End of Cheat

// Start of Cheat
// Cheat Name: Infinite HP and MP
// patch=1,EE,2030D230,word,0803FFCE
// patch=1,EE,200FFF40,word,8C820024
// patch=1,EE,200FFF44,word,AC820048
// patch=1,EE,200FFF48,word,8C820028
// patch=1,EE,200FFF4C,word,AC82004C
// patch=1,EE,200FFF50,word,080C3262
// patch=1,EE,200FFF38,word,10040005
// End of Cheat

// Start of Cheat
// Cheat Name: No charge time
// End of Cheat

// Start of Cheat
// Cheat Name: Super Chocobo
// End of Cheat

Hope you guys like it, and make good use of it.


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Good job! However i'm going to put this in the Tools section as that's a better home for it Smile
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

This looks useful but how do I get it to recognize my cheats? Do I have to manually recreate 170+ cheat files or is there a pattern I can batch rename with?
I Will download to test and see is good.
Thanks for sharing
The file is down, does anyone have it?
Tested and approved,it work fine. Biggrin
been while i guess this not around any more u fig they would add to base pcsx2 allrdy unless there new one plz let me know
i making (US) or (EU) NTSC only i live usa dont really know much about making cheatf or other then were i live
Hello all, sorry to unearth such an old post, but anyone has this manager on their pc somewhere? I don't like the mess that the usual pnach files are, this would help me a lot

thanks in advance
You can find it here, just make sure it is virus free:


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